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Pool Water Control



Mon - Sun   7am - 7pm

Serving the SF Valley and surrounding areas

PHONE: (310) 920-1220


Before Tets Pools & Skinees Pools, Celso Samson sat behind a desk in a suit and tie and crunched numbers for a living. On the weekends, he would actually look forward to cleaning his pool. It gave him an excuse to be outdoors and he loved that he could see the results of his work immediately- from skimming the debris off the pool to figuring out the right chemical balance needed to maintain crystal clear water. He was fascinated with the science behind it. What if he could do this instead of staring at spreadsheets all day?  So he dove off the deep end (pun intended), changed careers to be his own boss and learned the swimming pool trade from pool conception to completion.


Now, years later, Celso and his team are proud to be a valuable part of the pool service industry. They pride themselves on being highly experienced in all pool-related concerns and their commitment to quality customer service.



He is absolutely the best. Any issue I have he is on top of it before I am. He always finds me the best price possible. He takes better care is me than I do. We have converted to saltwater for new pump with rebates for both. He
Did everything top to bottom. I trust him completely. I have been working with him for years. He is always available anytime I need him. He is a vet and I salute him. I have hired him personally and professionally and I couldn't happier. -
Zach L.

I hired Celso after considering and interviewing 6 other candidates and have been using for 4 months now. From day one they demonstrated top commitment and provided highest quality of service (compared to other 5 pool service teams I used over the last 25 years).


Celso is very responsive, polite and professional - he is always there when you need him. A couple of times they could not access the property (it was my fault) and they came back the same day!
After cleaning the pool they would text photos, as a proof. Overall I am happy (but will keep my vigil after reading S.M.W. review). -
Chip B.

Skinees Pools saved my pool!!!  The last pool guy let algae SEVERELY over grow and stain the pool.  So I hired Skinees Pools and Celso was able to get rid of ALL the algae.  I asked him to do an acid wash of the pool walls to remove all of the staining and it turned out great!  He also told me about a LA county rebate regarding my filtration system.  I received a check for $1,0000!! I couldn't beleive it!  Then when my pool light went out, he was able to find the right replacement considering this pool was built in the 1940's and the light is placed in a very tricky location in the pool!  I can't say enough great things!  Celso also keeps my jacuzzi in tip top shape, I can always reach him, and he keeps me updated on whatever is going on with the pool and jacuzzi.  THANK YOU CELSO!! - Shannon L.

Celso is fantastic.  Our new home had a pool in need of quite a bit of work, and Celso walked us through all of it and our pool has never looked better.  We did an acid wash and a new filter, and got regular updates as the work was being done.  We get texts after each weekly cleaning and everything is in great shape.  Thankful we found the service! - Megan D.


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